Sunday, April 7, 2013

What If: Volume 1

Schaub haters, I feel for you sometimes. Schaub has certainly caused frustration in some fans over the past few seasons. I'm not saying he is good, or bad, but he certainly can get under your skin. What can be even more frustrating, is how close Schaub has been to leaving us. Think about it. Going into last season, we had three big named free agents, whose contract would expire after the 2012 season. Connor Barwin, Duane Brown, and Matt Schaub. Now, due to our cap situation, it was at least assumed we would only be able to sign two of those guys, not all three. Duane Brown was a must, and of course they locked him up for six years. But then you ask, Barwin, or Schaub? It was reported, that Barwin got an offer, but then turned it down, thinking he could get more money in the coming offseason. So, the front office moved on, and signed Schaub. So, in a nutshell, Schaub haters, blame Barwin for Schaub staying. I'm not saying we wouldn't have resigned Schaub, but after the collapse he had, they could have thought about going a different direction. We will never know.

But forget about that, he might not have come here in the first place!! It was reported last season, the Schaub was almost a New York Jet. Yeah. Not the Texans, the J E T S JETS JETS JETS. (S U C K SUCK SUCK SUCK)  The Jets liked him so much, they were willing to send Abraham to the Falcons in return for him. Obviously,. that didn't work out, because Schaub is here, and not in New York.

But lets think here. What if Schaub never came to Houston? What if the Jets got him, and anointed him the future of the organization. Well, we traded for Schaub in 2007.  So, assuming we would let go of Carr, despite the fact of whether or no we get Schaub, we have to look to the 2007 free agency class, and the 2007 draft class. Coming off of a 6-10 season, the Texans needed to start winning, and soon. Were there any QB's that could have made a difference for us? Real quick though, of course different players develop differently under different coaches, so for example, if Carr was drafted by the Kubiak regime, things could have been different, but since that is something we will never know, we just have to use the stats the QB's have put up.

First, the Free Agents of 2007
Tim Rattay
Jeff Garcia
Drew Bledsoe
Aaron Brooks
Brad Johnson
Shaun King
Anthony Wright

2007 was certainly a weak free agency class. In fact, the only three names I recognize here, is Garcia, Bledsoe, and Johnson.
Out of those choices, Garcia could have worked out the best. The only issue with him, he would have been 37 in 2007. He would have only been the starter for 2 seasons at the very most. On top of that, he just wasn't the player he used to be at this point in his career.

So, with that, let's move to the Draft.

The Texans would have had the 8th pick overall in the 2007 Draft. Assuming everyone drafted the same leading up to the pick, that takes only one QB off the board. Jamarcus Russel. Glad he wasn't around.

Let's see who was available.

Brady Quinn
Kevin Kolb
John Beck
Drew Stanton
Trent Edwards
Isaiah Stanback
Jeff Rowe
Troy Smith
Jordan Palmer
Tyler Thigpen

With the 8th pick, the Texans could have taken any of the QB's listed above. What's unfortunate about this draft class, is it was one of the worst. In fact, the best pick that came out of this class, has to be Brady Quinn. That's saying a lot too. You can make a strong case for Kevin Kolb, but I personally don't think he is starting material. He got beat out by Vick in Philly, and couldn't even hold onto a starting job in Arizona. The only other pick that stands out, would be John Beck. Interesting to note, Kyle Shanahan wanted the Texans to take Beck with the 10th pick in 2007. I'm glad they didn't, that would have been a big reach for a backup QB. However, the young Beck most likely would not have been able to take control of the Texans either. You can make points for other Quarterbacks in the draft, but no QB was a franchise changing QB, which is what the Texans would have needed going into 2007.

So what if The Texans didn't land Schaub? It could have easily set the Texans back even further, and who knows, maybe they wouldn't be where they are right now.

Whether you love Schaub, or you hate him, Texan fans should, at the very least, be fortunate we got him when we did. Without him, we could have easily been stuck in mediocrity even to this day.


  1. I enjoyed this post. I feel that Schaub is not the best QB in the league, but he most certainly is not as bad as some make him out to be.
    Keep the good stuff coming!

  2. It is easy to say there is a problem but more difficult is trying to offer solutions. For years folks have knocked Matt Schaub and I am not one of his biggest fans. People say he is not as good as Manning or Brady but he was and is the best we could get then and now. So many say Ric Smith should have allowed Matt to play his final contract year then began negotiations. Well that would have been cool until MS said, "No thanks. You wanted to see how I performed so now I want to see if other teams will pay me for how I did perform (11-4 at one point)." We've recently seen QBs get stupid money & I'm convinced a team would have offered a lot more to sign a QB that even if only good not great is a whole lot better QB than they had.

    Look, Texans can get out of Schaub's deal after 2014 season. The remaining $9 million bonus prorated would still count against cap. His base for 2015 is $12.5 - 9 (owed)= $3.5 m savings. Before we dump Schaub, we should make sure his replacement is in hand. IMO, no cheaper FA QB is better and neither is Yates.

    We cannot afford to draft a QB in first round and no other will get you a better than Yates QB. Either Kubiak has to think Yates or Keenum will successfully replace MS or we need to look hard in 2014 for a better way to go for 2015.

    What puts a stick in the bicycle spokes is what happens if Schaub wins a Super Bowl in '13 or 14? Or both?