Thursday, August 29, 2013

Final preseason 2013 game

Ok, here is the preseason game I've been waiting for. Our roster is pretty well set with veterans and it is the back ups I want to concentrate on. I hope Hopkins does not play & coach allows him more time to get the "grey matter" settled. I'd just as soon he sits first regular game also. Same with Posey but I do understand need for Kubes to establish #2 WR and get that off his plate. Jean ended up with almost a 20 avg last Sunday. ILB concerns me as Mays has not wiped sweat off me. I hope he is not another Bradie James, if Mays can get system down at his age, we would not have to worry about ILB. As of now, I am picking one second day of 2014 draft. I also want OLBs to step up but we could be alright with Mercilus and Reed; just hope one of them moves into double digit sacks & if Watt repeats his productivity, Texans should be good with front seven. Anyone but me worried about J Joseph? Swearinger has me a bit nervous as does Keo. I was also hoping Roc Carmichael would do better. Special teams? Who know what that will develop into but hopefully have fewer injuries (please Lord please)that area could be better also. Few more hours, a quick swim, a good meal and kickoff.... 1BADBOY

Friday, August 9, 2013

Texans VS Vikings

 Earl Mitchell made me sit up and take notice. Not sure if his motor holds up for more than  a quarter but dang he looked good. Realize it was preseason game one but he was on fire. I have repeatedly posted Mitchell showed me little 2012 and could not beat out an injured oh what was his name anyways? Oh yeah, Shawn Cody. Confidence in being name starter as Cody went bye  bye could be it or maybe getting more reps with starters or who knows. He is riding the bull at least for now.

McClain got a flag for roughing passer but stood up and said he wants the back up NT spot. If this continues, a big worry is off me. Chris Jones to PS for depth.

Lestar Jean had me PO with two drops but ended with me hoping he can put it all together..wait wasn't that how I ended last season? sigh.

Keenum outplayed Yates & if you disagree, let's talk about selling some of what you are smoking. I like Yates but Case had confidence and command. Against 2s and 3s yes but also with 2s & 3s. If Jean had caught the two he tried to catch with his chest, Keenum would have been 15/18.

Hopkins? We now have a #2 WR across from  AJ. Enough said!
RT: Newton was solid but not as good as he will get by game one. My worries lessened.
RB: Cierre Wood finally made me look god for mocking him as a 5th round pick all year. 10 for 59 yds.
ILB: did not get a feel for Mays due to "technical difficulties" on ABC. Amusing tidbit  was my buddy whose TV we were watching kept trying  to adjust his set. Even said "we can go in  the other room and watch TV in there". uh yeah, no.

Would like to see others post their opinions as preseason continues. First cut should not be that hard.

Friday, June 21, 2013

While I Was Away

Gee, haven't seen this thing in a while.

In fact, last time I updated was right around the time of the draft, which was almost two months ago. Just to clear up any feelings that I may have gotten cold feet, allow me to fill you in on why I haven't been posting over the past few weeks. My Finals were right after the draft, so of course I went from studying draft picks, to studying for my classes. That was all fine a dandy, but then when I came home, my computer began to act up. Started making this grinding noise. Couldn't tell if it was the hard drive, or the fan. Long story short, it was both. So my computer kicks the dust and I was without a computer for a week or so. I just got it back last week, and decided it was time to make a return.

The other reason I haven't been posting is because it has been a slowwwww news period. There is nothing of stellar interest to report on when it comes to Texans Football.

I mean yeah, OTA's happened. But I wasn't there to actually report my opinions on it. Just had to rely on the stellar coverage from our own on TexansTalk.

Antonio Smith might have a contract extension, so that's positive. Aaron Hernandez is looking like he murdered a guy, but that isn't Texans related.

The biggest story so far, is the fact that Vonta Leach wants to return home to the Texans. Leach is one of the hard hitters in the league, and apparently we are interested in him. But, it doesn't make sense to have Leach on the team when we just signed Jones earlier in the offseason. Yeah, I would love to have Leach. I just don't see us signing him. But you never know with this team. Sometimes the unbelievable can happen. Speaking of unbelievable, I still can't believe Training Camp is so far away. I wish it would be here soon.

Anyway, when more news comes in, I'll report on it. Once TC gets here, I'll really start posting, as I hope to attend every day of training camp.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The 2013 Draft.

I know I said i would write a blog everyday after each round of the draft. But then I thought, nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Anyway, I wanted to at least write a blog reviewing over the picks and grading the draft. Overall, I really think this draft was awesome. I kept saying to myself, and posting around the forums, that The Texans had to hit a home run in this draft. They had to get great players in almost every round who would work out in the long run. Normally you get the feeling after the draft if your team did well or not. I had that feeling after the 2011 draft that brought us players like Watt, and Reed. I had that feeling about the 2006 draft as well. After this draft, I didn't have the exact feeling, but it was still an awesome feeling. All of the players we got are going to work out in the long run for us. Each player, all the way down to the 6th round, has a ton of upside. Let's look at each player. I am going to leave DeAndre Hopkins out, since I highlighted him on Thursday.

2. DJ Swearinger. SS. This guy is good. I Swear! (Anyone?) But seriously, this guy has a ton of upside, and is mean and nasty. This pick replaces Glover Quinn, and gives the Texans the advantage of running a three safety set. Wade didn't say he will be starting, however said he will see a significant amount of starting time. This guy is going to work out big time, and bring a big dose of swagger to the team. Ed Reed will bring it first, but when he goes away, Swearinger will continue to bring it. He is also a hard hitter. Hopefully won't bring any fines, but he will be a hard hitter that brings that swagger. I expect this guy to be a big time competitor from day one of Training camp!

3. Brennan Williams. OT. I personally cheered when this pick was announced. I was really excited to see we were actually taking an Offensive Tackle in this draft. I was somewhat worried we wouldn't take one, since we just resigned Ryan Harris. I know Newton is a question mark, but I was worried they wouldn't bring anyone else in to compete. Williams brings a potential mean streak to the Texans. Watching his footage against Virginia Tech, he gave up a few potential sacks, but he also man handled his man. The only question marks about him are his injury concern. He tore his Labrum during October, and some even question his commitment off the field. Williams apparently frequents the 4chan board of /sp/ which is the sports board, and is a big wrestling fan. I have never cared much for the personal life, as long as they play well. I personally think this guy is funny, and believe he will be our starting Right Tackle in the next year or two.

4. Sam Montgomery. DE. When Montgomery was selected, there was some immediate backlash on the pick. Apparently the guy said some things that got him into trouble. Taking plays off. Questions surrounded him, prompting some teams to take him off of their board. Despite having these questions surround him, the Texans still opted to take him with the compensatory pick they received. At first, I didn't really like this pick. The more I watch him on tape, the more I like him. He has a natural rush that can get to the QB. Some argue that if he didn't have a terrible interview, he could have gone in the second, maybe even the low first. He will be a great player, and will provide depth for not only the DE position, but will also provide OLB depth. He will be a great pass rusher who can hopefully find the Quarterback. Not only that, he is kind of funny too. I am sure he will learn a bit from the ninja, both physically, and humorously.

5. Trevardo Williams. DE. This was the only pick of the draft I actually missed. I was sleeping, and woke up to the pick. At first I was surprised. Why would we take another DE when we just got one? However he was brought in to be an OLB, most likely to rotate with Reed and Merci. This guy has a high motor, and I love high motor players. I was watching some of his tape, and he gets that penetration on the QB. In fact, he is a better value player than Montgomery. He was projected as a third rounder, and fell to us in the 4th. There was no way you could pass a player up like that, and as mentioned, gives good depth to the OLB squad, while remaining cheap. Overall, good pick for a 4th rounder.

6. In the 5th round, The Texans traded out for 4 picks in the 6th round. They then used their pick they just got and their 7th rounder to trade up in the 6th to select, David Quessenberry. OT. This guy's name is long, so I am just going to call him DQ. So, I am surprised he fell to us in the 6th. I think the Texans saw he was still available in the 6th, and traded up to get him. He has very good value, and can be a good player. I was very surprised he was still around, and very glad we got him where we did. He has just as good of an upside as Williams does, and will provide good depth in the Offensive Line.

7. Alan Bonner. WR. I was somewhat surprised with all of the backlash this guy received. It is obvious that they selected him with the intent to return kicks. Apparently, Kubiak really liked what he saw from this kid at the combine. I remember when the Texans took Trindon Holliday. This was a very Kubiak pick, but I do like this kid. Without a doubt, he was the most lackluster pick in the draft, but I think he has a big upside, and hopefully will do well returning kick offs.

8. Chris Jones. DT. Finally. A DT in the draft. He will most likely be the back up to Mitchell, but he seems to be awesome. He can really be a good pass rusher, and is very good for a 6th round DT pick. In his highlight video he can really show some penetration, and wouldn't surprise me if he shared a lot of time with Mitchell on the football field. Not much more to say about this guy, but he will be a great pick, and provide great depth.

9. Ryan Griffin. TE. With the departure of Casey, we do need a third Tight End. Griffin is built a lot like Garret Graham, and will provide that third TE spot so we can run our three TE sets that we like to run. I was a bit surprised with this pick up, as there were better players on the board. He was picked up at the end of the 6th round, so it is possible he could have fallen out of the draft, but I think our guys would rather be safe than sorry, and get a TE to be safe. He has good hands, and will be a good 3rd string TE.

Initial thoughts. I was very surprised that we didn't take an ILB in the draft at all. People had been talking about moving Reed Inside, but it hasn't been confirmed. The only thing I can think is they plan on signing a vet in FA who can line up next to Cushing. Because other than Cushing, we have Dobbins and Sharpton. Both guys had their injury issues last season, and I do not feel comfortable with them.

It is also worth noting that we signed 31 Undrafted Free Agents. I expect a couple of guys to make the squad, including a RB.

Other than that, it was an overall great draft. I know some people have their doubts about some of the players, but every player should be ready to contribute in some way on day one. I give this draft, an A.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

With the 27th Pick, The Texans select DeAndre Hopkins!

DeAndre Hopkins. The three year starter out of Clemson. When the pick was first announced, I wasn't happy about it. I was more excited about Robert Woods, and felt we might take him The more I think of it though, the more I like him. For what it's worth, McClain is reporting that the Texans did investigate his hotel incident, and said that they were convinced he didn't do it. I like Hopkins, he brings that instant number 2 WR credibility to the team. He should contribute to the team right away. It will be fun to watch a legit WR line up. This is a guy who had 1400 receiving yards in his junior season. Watch his highlight reel to see if you like him. I know I like him.

Draft Day is Here!

It's like waking up on Christmas as a young kid. The excitement. You don't know what you are going to get, but the hours you will spend playing with the toys you receive are what excites you. It's amazing. That is what Draft Day feels like to me. I have been counting down the days to this for the past few weeks. Analyzing different players, thinking of scenarios, and of course, reading different mocks, including our very own from Badboy.

I'm pretty excited about this years WR class, and if someone is there when we select, we might have to jump on them. I really liked Robert Woods out of USC. He looks perfect for a big #2 WR. I also like Cordelle Patterson, but I doubt he actually falls to us. Kevin Minter is always a possibility, but you don't really know with him. He had the ability to get to his guys and get the tackles, but the wow factor just isn't there. Then again, when was the last time The Texans made a sexy pick on draft day?

I personally hope Margus Hunt comes to us. I know it is unlikely, but I would love to have him! Him and Watt on the same line. Oh man. I know it doesn't fit because we drafted Crick last season, but a man can dream can't he.

Finally, it is very possible that we trade out of the first round for more draft picks. I would be extremely happy with a 2nd and a 3rd. The good thing is, the ball will be in our court when it comes to trading. We have the pick, so we could demand a lot. If the other team doesn't want it, then go ahead and select the guy we want.

All in all, I hope this draft is a homerun. It has the makings to be an all time draft for the Texans. I will be posting reactions to each player the Texans select over the next three days, so it should be busy!

See you later tonight!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Top 5 Best and Worst Draft Picks

Earlier, I wrote my version of the top 5 best and worst draft picks in anticipation of's list. Today, NFL finally released their list. Not gonna lie, I was pretty disappointed with the list.

Here it is:

Comparing the list, I was 4 for 5 on the best pick list, and 3 for 5 on the worst pick list.

I will look at the top 5 worst first.
They had:
Davvid Carr
Tony Hollings
Travis Johnson
Bennie Joppru
Amobi Okoye

I knew they would have David Carr as the biggest bust. I couldn't justify putting Carr on the top 5 worst. He was a bust, but not the biggest bust. You have to understand he was not NFL ready, due to the situation. I couldn't justify that.

I also admit I missed on Hollings. He was one of the guys mentioned by a lot of fans. I didn't include him in the original list, because he was taken in the supplemental draft. I admit that was a mistake, and should have replaced him with Hill. Oh well.

Now, let's look at the top 5, according to

Top 5:
Duane Brown
Owen Daniels
Demeco Ryans
Brian Cushing
JJ Watt

Wait. Am I missing something here? WHERE IS ANDRE JOHNSON?????!!!!!


The writer justifies his pick by saying it's because he was selected with the number 3 pick. Are you kidding me?? So, if you are taken with the number 1, 2, or 3 pick, you can't be on the list?

That's bullshit. Plain and simple bullshit. You want to know how bullshit this is? Go to a farm. Sniff the air. That is what this list smells like. UTTER BULLSHIT!!!

Andre Johnson is the greatest draft pick for the Texans. No arguing about it. I will say, I am okay with Daniels being on the list. That doesn't mean you cut out Johnson!

All credibility at has been lost. All of it. Forever.